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How do I see where I've posted?


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For threads you've posted on in the past, you'll probably have to do a search as other posters have so nicely explained already.


For future posts, though, there's a setting you can change to make it automatically subscribe you to the threads you post on. Then when you click on "User Control Panel" up on the menu bar any subscribed threads with new posts will show up in a list. To set it up to automatically subscribe, first click User Control Panel. Then, in the menu list that goes down the left side of the screen, click on "Edit Options" under the "Settings & Options" subheading. That will bring up a bunch of boxes in the main window area. Look for the second box down, labeled "Messaging & Notification". In this box are several smaller boxes with fainter outlines. Again, we're looking for the second one down, this time labeled, "Default Thread Subscription Mode". It has a drop-down selection box. You can choose whether you want it to email you with a notification when someone posts to one of the threads you've posted on, but I don't like getting forum e-mails, so I have it set to "No email notification". This way, it automatically subscribes me to a thread when I post on it, but doesn't send me emails. When I come to the forum I click "User Control Panel" and it gives me a list of subscribed threads with new posts since I last read the thread.


You can always unsubscribe if you don't want to see it in your list, and you can subscribe to threads you want to follow without posting by using the subscribe option in the "Thread tools" menu at the top of each thread.


HTH :)

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