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Advent Activities - needing a critical eye

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I shared a link a couple days ago to a site my husband and I set up to share Advent Unit Study/Activity ideas. I'm not very good at seeing the Big Picture in things...I'm a tiny-detail-at-a-time kind of gal. I know what the daily activities look like in real life, but I'm not sure they carry over very well on the website. If you don't mind taking a peek, I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. Thanks!



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I can't constructively criticize either! I bookmarked it the first time you posted a link, and opened it yesterday to make sure I had some activities to get started today. I think today we will just dig out our advent wreath and candles, read scripture, and read Jotham's Journey. Crafts and other activities will come this week. So far I love your site!!! And I like the opening page set up like a calendar. So much easier than listing things out like Day 1, etc.


:D Thank you for your hard work!!!

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Oh, yes! Suggestions at the end would be great, too. But I need y'all to be harsh now. :D I have a tough outer skin, so no need to worry about hurt feelings here. Grammar, page design/layout, stupid ideas....anything and everything appreciated!


Thanks, gals! I really do appreciate the feedback!

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