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nose bleed q


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i am typing one handed so please forgive my errors. lol :D


i get a nose bleed several times a year due to dry air. today is my first of the season. i have had them go constantly for a few hours or just last a few minutes. i never know until they stop.


right now i am on 60 minutes and it isnt slowing yet. i have to be to work in 45 minutes :001_huh:.



warning content.....the blood clots, but the wound doesn't stop bleeding. i can sit with my nose pressed together and and ice pack, but the blood just backs up in my nasal cavity and starts pouring down my throat, making me choke and gag. the only thing that seems to work, is about every 15-20 minutes, remove the pressure and packs, drain all the congealed blood and start over. eventually, it will stop.



any suggestions other than the dr? That is probably where I am headed today since I have to work but i need another plan for the future. now that i know the season has started, i take guaifenesin and that helps, but doesnt cure the problem.

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Yeah, it stopped. 75 minutes this time. UUUUGH.


I think I will put a call into an ENT to discuss options. I wonder if they can tell where the problem area is after a nose bleed? Maybe they have a more permanent option for this blood vessel.





Any suggestions still welcome. This won't be the last this week. They usually come in clusters.

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My ds gets nosebleeds, too. I would definitely make an appt. with an ENT.


My ds's doctor sends nosebleed patients home with these recommendations:


1. Do not blow your nose or pick at nose for three weeks.

2. Sneezing: Cover/pinch nose before sneezing and sneeze out through mouth for three weeks.

3.Avoid aspirin containing products for a few weeks if approved by primary care physician.

4.Use a nighttime humidifier.

5.Apply generic antibiotic ointment three times a day for the first three weeks to nasal passages.

6.Thereafter, apply Vaseline to the nasal passages once at bedtime.

7. No strenuous activity for three weeks.

8.Use over the counter Colace stool softener for any degree of constipation.

9.Use over the counter nasal saline spray-two sprays in each nostril 3-4 times a day.

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