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What's on your wish list?

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My mom has offered to get me a Kindle but I told her no. She also offered to get me a dishwasher and I told her no. When she asked what I wanted I told her I had a long list of books I'd like. She said she wouldn't buy me books because that was boring. :confused:


Wish list:


New bar stools

Books from my list

Nikon Coolpix (don't know which one I'd want though)

Nice fountain pen


Nice necklace

Gift cert. for clothes

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Peace and tranquillity.


That's what my dad always used to say when we asked him, and now that I have small children I understand why. :tongue_smilie:


I always have trouble thinking of things I want for me. Usually all that comes to mind are things we need for the house, or the kids, or the business...I have trouble thinking about using money for non-practical purposes.


But I always want more books. :001_smile:

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I want a sewing machine or a raspberry Ruger LCP. :tongue_smilie: I'm not sure that I'll end up with either, but I'm keeping my eyes open for good prices on sewing machines. I got an iPad this summer for no reason at all, so I could happily live without a Christmas present. My sister is sewing me a new apron, and I know my mom is putting a little something together for me.

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Everyone in my family wants to buy me a nook or kindle. I am not interested.


I want some cabinet pulls, a vacuum, Photoshop, or new appliances. It's unlikely I'm going to get any of it, so I'm going for my back up plan of fun socks. I have a thing for socks. I'm spoiled all year round so I don't really need/want anything.


I always tell my kids I just want them to get along and pick up after themselves. They insist on buying me something from a store because it's much easierl. :)

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This is a good idea. I always forget what I want so now I can refer back to this post when I do.


A Good Printer

A KitchenAid Stand Up Mixer

$$ for baby supplies since I purged everything when I thought we were done!

Professional Family Photos


And I need my laptop repaired since it's become mighty quirky. :tongue_smilie:

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I don't have a Christmas list. Dh and I usually do not buy for each other at Christmas and I pray each year that my mom will NOT spend a dime on me (because she doesn't have a lot of money to spend!). Anytime we want something, we usually just get it (within financial reason, of course). When he gets his bonus or we get some special windfall (LOL), we always take a portion to split or to spend on something big like furniture, etc.


The one thing he likes to make room for in the budget for Christmas is drinks (alcoholic) and food. What I like to make room for is bath and body stuffies for the year and my Yankee Candles for the year. We each got what we wanted this past Friday. Couldn't beat the deals at Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret. :)

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I'd like a pair of long-john type pajamas - the kind with the butt-flap trapdoor thingy :)


I'm 99% sure I'm getting them. I saw a pair in an ad, circled the jammies, photocopied it several times, and left not-so-subtle hints all over the house for my kids to find LOL. I heard them telling their dad about it.

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Ridiculous stuff requiring a lottery win (we don't play):

A mountain cabin

A tapestry by Sarah Swett, made to order for me

A painting by Lyndon Johnson, made to order for me



Really expensive stuff that I would be seriously ticked off if anyone actually bought it category:

A pearl necklace. Yes, really. It's a secret wish.

A string of chocolate pearls.

(What is up with this pearl thing? It must go with peri-menopause or something.)

A miniature weaving loom for my old dollhouse. I have always wanted one of these. Ridiculous but true.

A trip to Europe. Not fancy, just lovely sightseeing

A flute and lessons

A bass recorder--a really nice wooden one



Luxuries I would not buy for myself, but they would make really nice presents:

Fit Flops slippers

Fit Flops boots

A set of warm but breathable running gear that is water resistant


A membership in a health club or exercise studio

An olive wood salt pot from Williams Sonoma

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What typically happens is that my dad sends me a big check, and I spend it on stuff I need, or bills, or on the kids. Since I just had a new furnace installed, I'd love to have that paid for.


Other things I'd enjoy opening Christmas day:


Philosophy's Eternal Grace or Amazing Grace lotion/spray/anything.

Immersion blender

GC to Ulta or Sephora

GC to have my car detailed and oil changed

flannel nightgown (I'm single. I can be comfy!)

A pair of brown leather casual shoes (I am so picky. I can't find anything I like!)

1/4 cow in my freezer

A beautiful diamond ring from the man of my dreams

The man of my dreams.

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