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Middle School Physics by J. Anne Huss?

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Has anyone heard of her or her physics program?




I've been looking around for physics work sheets I could use along with our studies next year and ran across what purports to be a complete program, including color photos, etc. I see that the first semester also calls for a Thames and Kosmos kit.


Does anyone know anything about this programming?


It looks like she has done a lot of unit studies, although this program is not a unit study, but a complete program....



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Maybe no one has heard of her or used that program (I haven't). I clicked the link and looked at the samples, and to be honest it doesn't look 7th-grade level to me; more like 4th or 5th. The "color illustrations" just seem to be clip art, not photos of the labs or anything, and the whole thing just looks kind of homemade and unprofessional to me. You can get a used copy of most middle school Physical Science texts for under $20, and I think it would be more useful. I hope someone else chimes in.



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Hey Regena, I actually have this (I know it as Simple Schooling, so I didn't recognize the name in your subject line). I ordered something else from that site (probably a year and a half ago) and I was able to choose something for free. That is what I chose, but I never used it and barely glanced at it until now. All I can find on my computer is the Parent Guide (maybe that's all I got).


It is distracting and unprofessional in the way it is laid out. Every unit has vocabulary words, experiments using kits that you must buy separately and links to youtube videos etc. The questions involve no critical thinking. Straight up memorization. I find this to be common in middle school level science.


There seems to be little explanation for each unit, but it also seems very hands-on with the kits. For my 7th grader last year, it would have been fine if done orally, because I would have supplemented with many other things.


I can't find a student workbook on my computer. Is there one? I'd like to see a lab notebook with this program.


I seem to recall that an online physics course was going to be available.


If you have any questions, let me know. I can look at the pdf.

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I found the student text and lab book! I think it is perfectly fine for middle school. The "textbook" is laid out neatly. No color though. And it still bugs me that the questions for the quizzes involve no scientific thinking. The lab book describes what to do with each experiment and then asks the student to describe three things he learned.


Is it the best out there? Nope. But, each lesson is laid out nicely for you. Do remember there is added costs in the kits needed.


Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Thanks for the info! I was just looking for a workbook or worksheets to supplement reading, etc. we'll be doing from other books. When I saw this, and the samples seemed to only be of the intro sections, I wondered if the actual chapters were any meatier.


I'm almost finished homeschooling and I've always wished for a science program I could use all year without the need of pulling many things together. I've not been satisfied with any one thing I've found on the market yet. I guess it's not gonna happen for me, LOL - I'll be wishing that it happens for all of you, though....

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Hi mcconnellboys,


Sorry for the late response - I haven't been on here much and did not see your question. I wrote the Middle School Physics program and can answer any questions you have.


First of all you should know I am in the process of completely re-doing almost all of the labs. The T&K kit is out for the next school year's edition and other less expensive and more productive labs will take the place of that kit. Many of the second semester projects will remain.


Second - there is a complete online course and you can see screenshots and get a free sample chapter here. It comes with online quizzes and tests, narrated lectures, and fun activities to help make learning science more fun.


As far as the vocabulary goes - YES this program is vocabulary heavy as are all my programs. I think the easiest and most productive thing you can do for your budding science student is to make them memorize scientific terms. It might be boring and less interesting than other exercises but they will thank you in high school and college. If your student plans to take college level science, professors will expect them to understand every word they read - so just get it out of the way now and make life easy.


The MSP program has interactive vocabulary lessons for each unit to cut down on writing - but there is also a writing option for memorization. As anyone who has used my anatomy course will tell you - the vocabulary is necessary.


In addition - this is most certainly NOT a program for the average 4th or 5th grade student. All the content is high school - with tweaks for middle school comprehension. Most of the major formulas and laws are introduced and reiterated throughout the course - not so they can use them for calculations, but so they can get familiar with them and be ready to use them in high school when they are necessary.


I hope this answers your questions - and if I might advise - wait until spring to purchase. We will have hard copy textbooks and the online course will be available on CD. Plus all the new labs.


Thanks for your interest,


J. Anne







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We're doing the online version of Physics this year with my 7th grader. DD is enjoying it (she hasn't enjoyed science in years) and is definitely learning things. Yesterday, she was excited to tell me something she hadn't known before. She's doing well in it and wants to do it. Whether or not it's meaty enough for high school physics is something we'll have to wait and see. I think it does a good job though.

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