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How much do you have in savings for living expenses, in the event of an 'emergency'?

How much money do you have saved up for an emergency?  

  1. 1. How much money do you have saved up for an emergency?

    • We have over 12 months worth of living expenses saved.
    • We have over 6 months living expenses saved.
    • We have between 0-6 months living expenses saved.
    • Savings? hahahahahhaha.

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We currently have a lot more but are investing into a rental property soon. Ideally, we'd want 3mo worth in savings, so that's how I voted.


If my husband was employed instead of self-employed more would be better because we'd have to worry about suddenly having 0 income. We never have to worry about 0 income only coming up a little short during any month, so 3mo is fine.


More would just be a waste because it could be working for us in some other way.

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Enough to get by for 12 mos- paying rent, utilities, everything else that must get paid each month, and buying basic groceries (we'd have to cut back on eating organic foods but we'd still be able to eat healthy food and produce).


We wouldn't really be able to get many (if any) extras like clothes or any medical stuff that came up- we'd have to cash in investments to pay for those things.


We definitely don't have enough in our account that we can live like we do now but we have enough that worry doesn't keep me up at night. I used to stress about all the what-ifs and I pray we won't have to go to that place again.

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