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X-post: MCT Groupies - Anyone Using Magic Lens in High School?

Guest Cheryl in SoCal

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

I posted on the High School board but since many of the MCTers hang out here I'm cross posting:001_smile: I also posted on MCTLA's forum.


My older sons are currently in grades 9 and 10. They've done Shurley English levels 3 - 7 (grammar sections only) and are now doing Analytical Grammar 1st season. They are not liking AG at all, specifically the diagramming. I am going to be using MCT with my younger crew and was thinking about moving my older boys into the Magic Lens series. They liked the parsing in Shurley English (which seems to have some similarities with MCT's 4-Level Analysis) so I'm thinking the Magic Lens would go over much better. I spoke with a very helpful man at RFWP today and he said I should start them in Volume 1.


Is there anyone else using the Magic Lens Volume 1 series with their 10th or 11th grade students (I'd likely start shortly before the beginning of the next school year)? If so, I'd love to hear from you! In general, I'd love to know how it's going and if you do anything differently because your students are older? Specifically, do you accelerate the series so you can cover all 3 levels before graduation?



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