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A few last Xmas items: Lego? Cookie cutters, etc?

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Not quite done with shopping...


Are there any great online lego deals out there?


Also looking for large, easy-to-grip cookie cutters.


And a hair thingy-caddie that will hold brush, detangler, headbands and ties. I'm looking for something smaller and pretty. You'd think this woul be easy to find but so far no luck.


Thank you.

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The hair thingy is hard to find. One dd uses a basket with a large handle, much like an easter basket. She clips her hair clippy things to the handle and drapes her hair bands to it. The scrunches, brush, sprays, etc fit inside.


Cookie cutters - try King Arthur, I bought some there last year that were fabulous! Bed Bath and Beyond usually have some nice ones too.


Lego???? Toys R Us did have some lego sales on this week, but not sure the dates.

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