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If you were my tutor you'd want what for your Christmas gift?

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So, about $10. I've given cds in the past. I have tutors who work for me; it's for a Christian Co-op. I can only spend about $10. So.... Any ideas? I'm drawing a blank.... I wish I could spend a lot more... but... oh well... it's not realistic this year. (And, I purchase gifts at the end of the year :) )


So, what would you want for your gift?? I could do a Chocolate basket with Green&Black Chocolate :) Hmmmm.. I need to get what I'm getting by about another week.. or so...



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I think a chocolate basket is a very nice gift, unless you know the tutor is trying to loose weight. If you don't know if she is, a little basket with soaps / scented bath things, might be better.


If *I* were your tutor, I would LOVE an Amazon gift card. I love love books and even thinking of chocolate gives me migraines :glare:.

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I'm a tutor & former Special Ed teacher. My favorite things were nonconsumable items that still remind me of the students I had 12-15 years ago. One gave me earrings, one a little donkey he got in Mexico, and some made the little "God's eye" Christmas ornaments, etc.


I have heard that teachers run out of places for things like that, so if she is a classroom teacher chocolate or a gift card might be the way to go. However, many of my students came from pitiful home situations, so I never received a lot of gifts at all. I treasured each one, and even today the little trinkets make me smile.


If you decide to go this route, be sure to put your child's name (first and last) & the date on it. I always remember the child, but then I find myself puzzling over last names. :tongue_smilie:

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Not everyone likes coffee, so if you go for a giftcard, go for something broader than Starbucks. Our Border's has not only books, but a small cafe (which I believe sells Starbucks items), so that would give someone either option.

I have found candy to be popular when I buy gifts for Sunday school teachers. (I used to try to do a whole variety of things, but the candy was always the first to be chosen.) I personally don't like to receive sweets because I'm trying to lose weight and well... I can't resist something right in front of me. A loaf of good bread might be another option.


Another idea is a nice ornament that could remind them of their tutoring experience, but then some people do themed trees and don't use a hodgepodge of ornaments like I do.


You might be able to get a decent canvas tote (handy as a tutor) for around $10. You could possibly get kids in the class to personalize it with their handprints. A class did that for me once and I really loved it.

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Echoing much of what has already been mentioned:


Donation to a charity that benefits children (since it's a tutor)

Starbucks gift card

Bookstore gift card

Target gift card

Movie gift card


Bath & Body Works hand soap

Small bouquet of flowers (like you can pick up at the grocery store; no lillies or poinsettas as those -- among others -- are poisonous for pets)

Little box (2- or 4-piece) of Godiva chocolates

Homemade treats (chocolate pretzel sticks, pumpkin bread, gingerbread, etc...)

Bird seed (lol; I love my birdfeeders & am constantly buying bird seed)

A thank-you note from my student w/ a photo


If the tutor is also a teacher, are there any supplies you could buy for the classroom (stuff that the teacher would normally buy w/ his/her out-of-pocket funds...? Things like tape, scissors, construction paper, printer paper, etc...?)

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You might be able to get a decent canvas tote (handy as a tutor) for around $10. You could possibly get kids in the class to personalize it with their handprints. A class did that for me once and I really loved it.


Michael's sells plain canvas totes for about $5; you can buy some fabric paints and let the kids decorate it. It's great not only for carrying books, but as a reusable shopping bag — you can hardly have too many of those. Put a quickbread or some homemade cookies inside, tie up with a bow, and you have an inexpensive present that's both personal and useful.



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I work part-time at a private school, and during the holidays we teachers receive thoughtful expressions of love from students and families. My least favorite gifts include candy and cookies, because I get so much that it is overwhelming. A little would be nice....but, geesh!


My favorite gifts include hand made jewelry and cards, knitted or crocheted dishcloths and scarves, Amazon and iTunes gift cards, but the BEST of all (hands down) is STARBUCKS gift cards!!




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I like the idea of a movie theatre gift card (movies are one of my favorite ways to have some restful fun!)


I also like the idea of an ornament...but something personalized. How about one that is a picture frame, with a photo of your child (the tutored student) in the frame? And yes, use some permant photo pen to write on the photo something that includes your child's name. Even something simple like "To: (Teacher's name) From: (Student's signature)"


Thanks for posting this b/c I have a few to buy for too, and was just trying to come up w/ ideas!


:-) Stacey in MA

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Amazon gift certificate. If you do decide on a movie theater gift card..pick a theater near where the tutor lives. My in-laws give our non-driving kids gift cards to places near THEM (in-laws - an hour away from us) . I wish they'd check first to see if we even have the same theater chain or dept. store nearby.

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