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I'd like to start an ABC book in German and I ...

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...need some help coming up with simple, common words. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for on the internet. If anyone has any links that would be helpful. I need some help finding words, I'm drawing a blank. So for each letter I would like to get at least 10 words.


A- Apfel, Auto, Affe...

B- Banane, Brot, Bleistift...

and so on!


Please help me! :)

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Bär, Baum, Bett


Dachs, Drachen, Dreirad

Elefant, Erdbeere, Esel

Fisch, Flasche, Flugzeug, Fußball

Gabel, Geschenk, Giraffe, Gespenst

Haus, Hubschrauber, Hund

Igel, Indianer, Insel

Jaguar, Jeans, Jogurt, Jacke, Jäger

Kaktus, Kerze, Kuh, Keks

Lastwagen, Löwe, Luftballon, Loch

Mund, Murmel, Mütze

Nagel, Nashorn, Nest, Nachbar

Opa, Oma, Ohr, Orange, Osterei

Pinguin, Polizist, Puppe, Post

Quadrat, Qualle, Quitte

Regen, Regenschirm, Rakete, Ritter

Sonne, Segelboot, Säge

Tasse, Telefon, Tante, Taxi

Uhr, Uhu, Unterhose, Umarmung

Vampir, Vogel, Vulkan

Wal, Wiege, Wolle, Wiese


Yacht, Yo-Yo

Zebra, Zelt, Zitrone, Zirkus, Zauberer

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When my kids were really little I bought this great bilingual German/English ABC book. I didn't end up using it that much, but that wasn't the book's fault. :tongue_smilie: My kids did end up learning to read in both languages almost simultaneously anyway...


Of course the homemade one is free and your kids will probably love it extra because you made it for them. But I thought I'd mention this one in case it was of any interest to anyone. Looks like it's out of print but Amazon.de has used copies for 0.99 Euros...

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