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Forest-themed bedroom ideas

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My daughter wants a forest-themed bedroom to go with a wolf print that she has. I want to buy her a couple of small evergreen tree topiaries, with or without lights. Where would be the best place to look for these?


Also, do you have any other ideas? Especially low cost ones?

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I painted ds' room with a foresty theme. I got green paint for the lower 1/2 of the room and sky blue paint for the top 1/2 of the room. I painted the wall with a lighter green straight across the bottom half. Then I painted the top 1/2 of the wall and the ceiling with the blue paint. Let dry. Then I took a darker green paint and a natural sponge and I sponge painted in a tree-ish design over the lower 1/2 but made sure that I overlapped the sky to make it seem foresty. Then I washed the sponge very well and used white paint to sponge white clouds on the ceiling and top 1/4 of the "sky". It turned out really well and every kid (even teens) who have seen it have been envious.

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There is a really great company ran out of FL that has these beautiful wall murals and such that you rub onto the wall. They are really cool. I have the entire "jungle theme" for my bedroom. I had to buy it piece by piece, a little at a time here and there, but in the end, it's beautiful. They may have something that she and you both like!! And they run really great clearance sales. http://www.tatouagedesigns.com Search there and see if there's stuff you like! I don't sell it! But their product is awesome and great quality!! Really beautiful!!!


I just checked the site myself, been awhile since I've went there....they are having a HUGE sale right now! The prices are cheaper than I've ever seen them before!!!!

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