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Favorite Wii games - What are "must haves?"

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Mario Galaxy (which they still play to this day)

and this year my 11yo DS wants Star Wars Force Unleashed II. I am debating b/c it's rated Teen, but my husband says no big deal (he is less protective in this way, obviously). We'll see...


We also have Mario Cart (which they still play) and Boomblox (which they used to play often, but seldom play now). I think we have 2 others, but they are never played, so I don't remember what they are! haha!


FWIW, I found out recently that my LIBRARY has WII games to rent/loan! I was excited! (Blockbuster Video store rents them too - but library is free - haha!). This way, the kids can try them out. Most of the time, they play for a week, enjoy it, but don't actually love it enough to buy one for our own. Maybe you could borrow or rent some to try out first?


GL and happy shopping!

- Stacey

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