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My DD is home from the hospital & I have photos of the kids at The Kennedy Center....

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Again, I must thank everyone for their prayers. Stacey had a difficult time this afternoon -- she was in recovery by 10:30am and then apparently, all you know what broke loose -- the kids and I were at the Kennedy Center with my phone turned off. Stacey began hemorraghing and there was talk of a hysterectomy if the bleeding didn't stop, but thankfully it did.


She and Mario (before all this other stuff happened) were able to see their baby, Robert, and hold him, and I think they did get great comfort in doing so.


She and Mario are home - she is on bedrest for the next 7 days -- I will be there tomorrow, and I emailed her photos of the kids today at The Nutcracker. I will try to attach one or two of them here -- Allison, my grand-daughter is the little one wearing glasses.


I am going to bed as I have to be on the road very early tomorrow - hopefully by 7:30am - in an attempt to be ahead of the other holiday travelers. I will be home tomorrow night --


Wishing you all, again, a wonderfully blessed, peaceful, happy day!:grouphug:



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Thank you for updating us and thanks for sharing the pictures.

That's so tough and I pray they felt "carried" as they walked that difficult road. I believe that little one will be growing up in heaven and right there to meet them someday. I'll keep praying for comfort. :grouphug::grouphug:

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