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I love to cook and always have, but.....I'm always looking for new ideas. I am finally.....FINALLY making that Menu Board I have been wanting and I need new ideas. (Menu Board is canvas, painted and adorned with scrapbook paper/fabric, whatever and painted clothespins holding Menu Entries on it. (Clothespins have the days of the week.) I'd take a picture of it, but it's not done yet.) Maybe the Menu Board will get rid of The Daily Question.


So, I am specifically looking for THINGS YOU OR YOUR FAMILY LOVES,....complete with recipes, please....if you would be so kind.


Oh, and I'm colour coding the menu categories:





Outline around dish's name means made in Crockpot


I need a code because:

A) I want to see at a glance that I am balancing out less healthy (beef/pork) with more healthy and

B) I need to plan Crockpot meals in advance for busier days


Oh, and anything time intensive like cashew chicken, egg rolls or tacquitos will be written in Script. (French Script font) Those days I REALLY have to plan for!

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Thanks for the links! I will post pics when it's done. I'm hoping to get it completed this weekend.



Here is my list so far:



Beef stroganoff

Beef stew

Beef tacquitos

Beef tacos

Taco salad

Pot roast with carrots & potatoes

Crockpot Swiss Steak

Cheeseburger macaroni

Pizza potatoes

Hamburger pizza

Pizza pockets

Unsloppy joes

Unsloppy joe potatoes

Whirly burgers

Beef and bean burritos

Beef enchiladas

Beef enchiritos

Beef fajitas

Beef shish ke babs

Taco ring

Harvest soup


ETA: lasagna

ETA: meatloaf

ETA: taco soup

ETA: Becky Jane's French Dip Sandwhiches


Chicken quesadillas

Chicken enchiladas

Chicken shish ke babs

Chicken tacquitos

Chicken tacos

Chicken parmesan

Oven roasted chicken

Chicken pockets

Cashew chicken

Egg rolls

Szechuan stir fry

Italian stir fry

Creamy crockpot chicken

Terryaki turkey balls

Chicken nacho dip

BBQ Chicken (oven)

Grilled BBQ Chicken

Terryaki chicken

Chicken alfredo pizza

Rosemary chicken and potatoes

Garlic chicken

Cheesy crème of chicken soup

Potato chip chicken fingers

"Chicken & Dumplings" (in quotes because I make them "in theory"...I will when I get a good recipe)

Roast turkey

Chicken pot pie

Turkey pot pie



black bean soup

loaded baked potato soup

ham & cheese omelets

pork chops


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Thanks, Nakia! As far as YOUR list.....everything you wrote except for Chicken & Dumplings are things that I make. Do you have a recipe?


I do have a recipe and I will post it below. My husband loves loves loves these sandwiches from The Pioneer Woman's website. Beware that they are a heart attack waiting to happen. But they are soooooooo good!!!


Here is my bff's chicken and dumplings recipe, copied from the email she sent me:


You need:

1 whole chicken (you can use any kind of chicken but it tastes better if you use bones and dark meat too)

Self rising flower


corn starch or can of cream of chicken soup

chicken broth or bullion cubes

salt, pepper, onion and I use red pepper flakes


First you boil the chicken in a big pot. I usually put salt, pepper, an onion and red pepper flakes in with it. You can add butter if you want. I always fish the onion out later but you can leave it in. When the chicken is done take it out and let it cool a bit before you pull it off the bone. Leave the cooking liquid in the pot. When the chicken is cool enough pull all the meat off the bone and add it back to the pot. I like to thicken up the liquid so I make a slurry with corn starch and add that back into the pot when I bring it back to a boil. You can use a can of cream of chicken soup instead if you want. I also add a few cubes of chicken bullion to make the flavor a little stronger. You might need to add more water. Bring the pot back up to a boil and start working on your dumplings. I just use self rising flower and milk. I mix them together in a bowl. I don't use measurements. I just pour them in until it looks right. When it's mixed it kinda looks like dough maybe a little thicker and lumpier. It's very sticky. Then I just scoop up dumplings and drop them into the boiling pot. If the water is not boiling it will ruin the dumplings. Now you just let it boil for about 20 or 30 min or so. The dumplings will cook in the boiling water and it makes a crust on the top. You will see the dumplings start to dry out. Once the dumplings are cooked you will transfer the pot into the oven and broil until the top gets nice and brown. And you're done.



This is the BEST chicken and dumplings recipe I have ever eaten. YUM!!

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