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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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Happy Thanksgiving, one and all, and happy beginning of the holiday season for those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, for whatever reason (Native American, Non-American, etc.).


I hope everyone arrives at their destination safely, enjoys a particularly peaceful time with their loved ones, has enough to eat and some things to be thankful for, and gets home safe and sound.


One of my thankfuls this year is for TWTM, TWEM, and this board, which not only makes homeschooling easier, but makes it better and brighter and more fun. Thank you SWB and JW and everyone else. My 20yo transportation major just requested that I download The Count of Monte Cristo onto his ipod for him to listen to. I consider that a great books triumph. Perhaps he isn't reading Plutarch in the original for fun, but this is close enough for me GRIN.



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