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X Post: Writing for 8th grade?

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I posted this on the middle school board, but thought someone here may have some input as it has to do with preparing for high school. Thanks.


12yo ds had only sporadic writing instruction in elementary. We tried several programs, but none were very successful.


Last year he did IEW US History Based Writing Lessons. It was a challenge, but he did pretty well. This year he's doing IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons and is doing very well with it. He's already learned the dress-ups so he can integrate them into his writing quite well.


I'm wondering what I should use next year, though. I had planned on doing IEW Medieval History Based Writing Lessons, but I don't know that he needs more of 'the same', more practice with the exact same instructions.


Is there something else that would better prepare him for high school? What skills does he need to master beyond what IEW presents in their history based writing books? And what program would teach those skills?



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The Elegant Essay would be a good choice after those, if you want to stick with IEW. I am teaching a group of 8th-9th graders with it right now, as a way to firm up writing skills for high school.


You could use it for the first half of the year, and then have him practice essay writing on history or literature topics for the remainder of the year.

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