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just ordered MFW Ancient History high school

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my dd was in public school last year for 9th grade and her class got up to the Civil War so this year I had her continue with Am. history using the 2nd vol. of Notgrass. She will be finished in 3 weeks so I went ahead and ordered the MFW Ancient History which she will start after christmas. There were a couple of books I did not need but it was cheaper to just order the entire package so I just hit the submit button. Now I am excited for the box to come in lol.

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We really like AHL! We're in no-man's land because of a 2 week trip we took, our recent winter storm that took out power for 2 days with below freezing temps, etc. Crazy year so far, and not much done this month! So we'll re-evaluate and re-adjust, and will still be fine I think. At any rate, this is a great program and, at least right now, we're planning on going with MFW again next year!

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We are in week 11 of Ancient History with MFW. We are just moving from the Egypt era into the Greece era. As I look back, I realize ds learned a surprising amount about life in Egypt through different methods -- textbook, Bible, Pyramids book, read-aloud (woops, it's not really a read-aloud in high school, but we listened to the audio aloud :) ), timeline pieces, writing essays, etc.


We have been reading the complete Bible together as a family. We're in the book of Joshua now. That's been our favorite. My son has also enjoyed the creation apologetics, so to speak.


We had quite a few of the books but got the set, too. I figure that means Marie Hazell has the same taste in books that i do :)


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