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iPad users iOS 4.2 Rocks!

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We are loving the update, too. However - we can't get the wireless print function to work. For some reason, there is a bug that doesn't allow our HP printer to hook up wirelessly to the iPad. Frustrating. The rest of the update is awesome, though.


The wireless printer function (from what I understand) is the weak-link in this update. Only some HP printers work at this point. iOS 4.3 is supposed to be releases in January (along with the new iPad 2) and it is supposed to fix the printer thing. We will see.



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Loving 4.2! My 11+ pages of apps are now down to 2. So excited.


AirPrint is in its infancy now. Only works with select printers. More will be added as time goes on. There are several print utility apps in the store. One that has worked for us is HP iprint Photo. I've been able to use it to print Pages docs. I'm looking forward to AirPrint working for all at some point. I was definitely disappointed it didn't. Also disappointed when I looked at HP's site that they didn't have any color laser printers with the eprint functionality.



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