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Window covering for a sliding glass door?

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What do you use? The owners left the vertical blinds hanging in the garage; I have no idea why they didn't rehang them after painting and I don't know if I have the hardware to hang them.


I hate blinds. They break and get bent so easily. And they don't exactly keep the cold out as I'm finding on our front window. The heaters seem to be going constantly.


Would you hang regular curtains? Are their other energy efficient options that still allow relative easy access through the door?

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Do you sew? When we first moved to this house and I was unsure what I wanted for window coverings, I bought some really heavy muslin cloth and made a simple drape. I then attached clip rings to the top. You can hang a pole rod and the rings slide as nicely as opening a shower curtain. I am sure you could find a drape to fit and hang it the same way.


Here's some details about the clip rings.



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I use lined microsuede drapes for the sliding door in my kitchen, with clip rings. Just be sure to install the rod wide enough to allow for the drapery to be pulled completely to the side so you can open the door ;)


Also, be aware some clip rings slip on some types of fabric, as we have found in other situations.

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I put up a curtain rod (decorative type) and panel curtains on one of our sliding glass doors. Target has a variety of panel curtains, including thermally insulated styles, that are IMO affordable. Fred Meyer has some too, though I don't know if they sell thermal styles. Anyway, both places regularly have sales.


Our other sliding glass door has fabric vertical blinds. They insulate pretty well, and are also room-darkening, but they were much more pricey than panel curtains.

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We have a vertical honeycomb shade. It's wonderful at keeping in the heat, and it gives soft, filtered light. It is easy to open and close, and tucks away into a small space (about 8 inches).


To dress it up, I have a decorative rod above it with a valance, and one long curtain panel on the closed side. The vertical shade tucks completely behind the curtain panel.


HunterDouglas makes several styles of vertical shades. For one example, go to this link, and scroll all the way to the RIGHT on the Photo Gallery

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