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Brownie pie crust...what do you think

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So I had a possibly brilliant idea last night and would love some imput as to whether it is do-able.


I will probably make a chocolate pudding pie for one Thanksgiving dessert (I'm also taking pumpkin pie, which I don't like). Then I thought... ooohhh, I have brownie mix.:D


What if I make the brownie mix and pour a thin layer of it into a pie crust and bake that so its cooked and then pour in the pudding and whipped cream mix on top of that and refrigerate the the whole to set the pie.


Anyone have any thought about how (or if) that would work???


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I used to do something similar. I'd make brownies in a large round "spring-form" cake pan, then when it was done (and cooled) I would scoop a little out of the center (and eat it :D) and I would squish the rest down and onto the sides. It makes a pretty dense, fudgy "crust." I used to fill it with chocolate mousse and top with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. It was my go-to dish for potlucks because I could make it the day before and freeze it, then take it frozen to the party and by the time everyone was ready for dessert, it was just right.


I don't think it would work as well to try to pour/bake a thin layer in the pie or cake pan. You're better off just baking it regularly and then pressing it down and sideways. Since it's so dense at that point, it doesn't really get soggy.


Good luck!


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Try this recipe..you won't be dissappointed!


It's not difficult and the crust is amazing..it makes the whole dessert.




I found this online, but it's the same recipe I use. It's my sons favorite. Over the years I have adapted it..

It doesn't need that much powder sugar in the cream cheese layer, nor does it need a whole 8oz container of cool whip. I just use one container for the whole recipe.


We top it off with a crushed butterfinger or Heath/Score candy bar.

Chocolate shavings or chopped nuts would be fabulous too.

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just send it here - I'll taste it and let you know how it turns out!



seriously....a thin brownie crust should work great. Or make your brownies as usual. Eat half the pan and then crumble the remaining brownies and press into the bottom of the pie dish for a brownie-crumb crust.

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I think a brownie crust would be fine. I have a cheesecake recipe that calls for a brownie crust and it's cooked in stages. If you're concerned about the brownie getting soggy maybe you could frost it before adding the filling. Chocolate, of course. :D



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ooohhh, if I change it to the brownie cookies, I think that it would be thick enough to stick to the sides of the pie pan, and cook up a little crispier, which will hopefully prevent it from getting soggy when I add the pudding (which since its mixed partway with whipping cream) will be pretty thick.


You guys have great ideas and lots of encouragement. Can't wait to see how it all turns out:D

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