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I survived my first chemo!

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Everything went fine. I wore my Dad's big comfortable flannel shirt. I had on a prayer shawl that a dear friend made for me with many prayers said over it. I had some special jewelery and all my books. I was all set. I didn't have any reactions to any of the meds.


I would be lying if I didn't say that I did have 3 very short bursts of emotions. One was arriving at the Hope Lodge. I realized that this was really happening and I missed my kids. Another was when someone asked me how old my kids were and the final once was in the waiting room at the chemo clinic. Thankfully it was all just very short lived and I had my wonderful husband at my side. If it wasn't for all the love and prayers I know I would have been a total basket case. Once I was in the chair I felt empowered in a weird way.


There were a few holdups in our day. The chemo was not ready. The shuttle made us waiting 1.5 hours to take us back to the lodge. Next week will go much smoother and the chemo should be very short as I won't have one of the drugs (it is only every 3 weeks for the Carboplatin) so that will save 1.5 hours.


My girls refused to go to bed so they were still up at 3:30 am when we returned home. We hit some bad weather so that slowed us down some. Next week will be much better.


I feel fine! Thank you for your prayers. I will be getting my white blood counts every week. So hopefully they will be good and I won't have any delays in receiving treatment.



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Wonderful Christine- so many prayers and thoughts for you! Remember - any nausea whatsoever- call immediately for more meds, don't try to tough it out- Aloxi, Kytril, & Emend were very helpful to me & I had no nausea at all. There are also drugs to boost your white counts so you can keep on your chemo schedule- Neulasta is what they used for me. And get some help with meals, laundry, and kids- the chemo tires you out after a while. Hugs.

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I am so deeply touched by the fact that there are so many here lifting me up in thoughts and prayers. Not only that but husbands and friends and church prayer lists have my name. I REALLY appreciate this as I am a huge believer in the power of prayer. I want to live to raise my kiddos and have time to do good things for other people.


A few asked how far I travel. It is without stops a solid 7 hour drive one way to get the treatment. I will go once a week for 12 weeks followed by once every other week for four more treatment. During the 12 weeks I will have Taxol. Every three weeks of those 12 weeks I will have Carboplatin. During the 12 weeks I take my little buddy the PARP Inhibitor (this is a pill that as I understand it will help my body NOT to regrow the tumors or sheets of cancer). After the 12 weeks are done I take AC which stands for Adryamiacin (I know I am spelling this wrong) and cyclosporamide or something like that. The typical treatment is the AC first for four doses followed by the Taxol for four doses. So, I am having a bit different schedule but with the added help of Carboplatin and PARP Inhibitor.


I don't know when the side effects will kick in. I'm hoping to feel good through the holidays. It will be cumulative. It will be the A in the AC that I think can cause more problems so that shouldn't be for awhile.


Enjoy your turkey day!

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I am so happy to hear you had a good experience with your first round of chemo. Those cancer cells' days are numbered!


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christine. Now is your time for getting TLC from everyone.



Thinking of you, praying for you and hoping the best for you.:001_smile:


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