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Christmas scavenger hunt prize

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Since my dds turned into teenagers, my dh and I have done a scavenger hunt for a final present. We like it because they're older and don't get as many gifts so it's a fun way to end up the Christmas tree time.


The prize is always an activity type gift that we play after they find it. One year it was Rock Band, another year Deluxe Scrabble, etc


I'm stumped this year. I am looking for suggestions for a fun activity gift for 3 girls-ages 14,15, and 17- and a boy aged 14.


Rescue me, Hive! please, please, please!

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Since I see Scabble on your list as a gift from previous years how about another game?


For those ages I recommend Carcassone and Ticket to Ride. I think they are both only five player games so you'd need an expansion pack if everyone wanted to play but they are lots of fun!

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