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where can I find a sample letter of intent to homeschool?


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I am pulling my child out of ps and we are in Oklahoma. Thanks.

You don't need to submit an intent to homeschool. You just need to inform your dc's school that he won't be coming back, so that no one thinks he's truant. So you could just call the school and tell them you're withdrawing your dc. Or you could write a letter, I suppose, but you should understand that it is not an "intent to homeschool."


Dear Principal Soandso:


Please be advised that I am withdrawing my dc, Orkie, effective immediately. I will be teaching him at home.


Thank you.


Sincerely yours...



ETA: If you join HSLDA (which is a good idea, even in such a "green" state as OK), there are forms on the HSLDA site that will be helpful. I can't look at them as I am not currently a member, but there may be a withdrawal letter on there.

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