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Teachers Lounge! 11-23-2010

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This is the LAST Teachers' Lounge until AFTER Thanksgiving (more like next week). Just too much to do!


What's for lunch? WE (because my son is home with a cold today): snacking currently but will probably pick up a spicy chicken sandwich somewhere to help the sweet boy clear out his sinuses!


What are you procrastinating about today: ME: purging/cleaning house. I have an open house planned for Friday. need to get it done! Hate cleaning!



What's the funniest thing that's happened to you in the last 7 days?

Me: I'll have to think about that for a bit! :001_huh:


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Oh, yay!! I need this today... Yesterday was hard with the youngers, so I am hiding out... :leaving: I guess you could say I was procrastinating on doing school wit the youngest ones... LOL


Lunch today was a baked potato, with margarine, salt, sour cream and shredded cheddar, with some lemonade.


I have nothing funny to share though, sorry...

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We had shrimp and bay scallop scampi with mixed vegetable stir fry. The finicky boy had cheese and crackers with carrots and apple slices.


The funny thing...dh called me sexy the other day...I hadn't brushed my teeth yet, my hair looked wild, I was wearing barn pants and a flannel shirt, and had just kicked off my mucking out boots, hay strands were sticking out of the fleece vest I was wearing and I'm pretty certain there was hay in my wild hair; I definitely smelled of Eau du Equine. "Sure, buddy, I sooooo don't believe that but you just keep that grin on your face because it's kind of cute!" I slapped him on the rear and asked him what had happened to the city-fied, urban bred boy I married, the alien standing before me was certainly a country bumpkin - he had on baggy, paint spattered jeans, a wool hat, old coat, flannel shirt, and steel toed work boots - he hadn't showered yet either and was on his way out to feed the wood boiler. Boy how things change over the years.


(Incidently, I was the prim and proper, my nails were never dirty, piano performance major in college who as a freshman, figured that if I ever had a child, he/she would be raised by a nanny because I wasn't going to get my pretty feathers ruffled and mussed. I certainly wasn't going to have animals; we have six ducks, two rabbits, one puppy, one cat, a horse at a boarding facility, I routinely help with sheep shearing at a neighboring farm, and have fallen head over heels in love with a Llama named phantom who is addicted to apple and oat horse cookies.) So the above conversation just tickled my funny bone!



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Lunch -- I had part of a leftover sandwich and the kiddos had ramen noodles. Apparently none of us got to full cause the kids just said "can I'm hungry, can we have a snack" And I was thinking popcorn sure sounded good.


Procrastinating -- definitely the house cleaning/ purging. And finishing some school stuff


Funny -- :001_huh: need to think a little bit

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Lunch: turkey sandwiches, wheat thins, and apples. Coffe for me:)


Procrastinating about: cleaning dd13's room. Yes, she is technically old enough to clean it, but she has special needs and just can't do it herself. I am so scared to go in there. I think I need some sort of toxic suit. The problem with her room is that it is not your typical mess with toys strewn about. It is much more traumatizing. There is paper everywhere, wrappers, just lots of gross stuff that I won't detail here. Someone hold me.....


Funny moment: I sent dh a text to say I love you and he responded with "Why....what did you buy?":lol:

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We're cooking for Thanksgiving. So we've been snacking and right now we're eatilng some egg rolls.


Funny---hmmm. Not sure about that.


No Procrastinating today. I'm stuck doing all the things I've been procrastinating doing for a week or so! We're leaving tomorrow to go camping and I've left everything to do for TODAY! :tongue_smilie:


Right now we're taking a break watching the Amazing Race.


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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Lunch: chicken & wild rice soup for me--I'm sick. Kids had sandwiches w/ "sunshine sauce," ie mustard, we're out of mayo, & how could MY kids eat mayo anyway??? Blech!


Procrastinating: writing. And maybe grading some papers.


Funniest thing: 3yo bit her finger at lunch & was crying when 2yo came running over to see if she was ok. I told him that she'd bitten her finger, would be ok, & then asked him, "Do you think fingers are good to eat?"


He looked at his finger, said, "Yeah," & bit it. :svengo: Then he looked up at me w/ these big, sad brown eyes. "Was it good?" I asked through choked laughter. "Yeah," he said, "but it hurt." :lol:


He looked at his fingers again & proceeded to "taste" the next one, shook his head, & ran off.

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