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Loving my curriculum!


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I am just loving my curriculum. I was using living books curriculum but I switched to my own mix and I am so happy I want to shout from the rooftop! My little DD is using the vocabulary words in her speech. She is cutting out comics and pasting them to make her own stories!

I love it.

Please share your joy with me.

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I would think what is in her signature line, but may not be correct.


Glad you found what works for you, that is always a WOO-HOO moment! :D



Thanks.. :)


I did see the things in her signature... just wondering if there was a specific thing that was great... or a certain schedule of doing things. Sorry I wasn't more clear... :)

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The thing we are doing that isn't listed in my siggy is Wordly Wise. We do about 1.5 hours in the morning and another hour in the afternoon for crafts. We have a ton of room for play dates (at least one per week) and flexibility if we get invited to additional museum trips, etc. I am reading chapter books at bedtime.

She is also doing ballet once a week but the entire family wishes we could do 2. Next year!

Yes, it's like we have a groove and feel the woohoo. I feel things will slow up for the month of Dec...but I plan to fill in the blanks with a lot more holiday crafts.

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