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Unwanted artistry...

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Anybody have any great advice for getting bright blue crayon off my brand-new bookshelves? :crying:


I would settle for advice on where the heck my 2-year-old could be keeping his apparently inexhaustible stash of drawing implements. I think I've got them all safely stored away, but he can ALWAYS find at least ONE and wreak havoc. :tongue_smilie:

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I can offer you sympathy and a poem! Sympathy because my very early reader started writing on everything in sight, including self. The worst was getting the growth chart he penciled onto the unfinished wood microwave cabinet.


That's Write!


My ballpoint pen is out of ink,

but I can make it work, I think.

I'll lend it to our toddler small,

who'll make it write upon our wall.


Howard Eisenburg

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I second the magic eraser! It is a must have for any household with children!




3rd!!! In our brand new first-ever house, first room to be painted, dd decided to color on the beautiful new apricot walls. Dh was still freaking out when I said, "Hey, there's this magic thingy that came free w/ the paint. It says it will take crayons off..."


And holy cow. It *IS* like magic!


(It even got permanent marker off of mil's brand new leather sofa. You think *you're* crying! :svengo:)

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I second the WD-40, works great on wood and non porous plastic without stripping the paint.


My son had decided at 4 that his wooden bed frame needed his name put on it in permanent marker. After making him scrub it for 10mins or so. My hubby came in with the WD-40 and it came right off. The upside is most homes already have WD-40 around somewhere. So definitely worth a try.

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