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Visiting family who don't HS-take school work for DD?

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We are going to FL in a couple of days. The plan had been to spend the weekend with family, and then go to the shuttle launch-which nicely took us out of their house and to a hotel since it was scheduled for 4:00 AM.


Well, now the launch has been postponed, so we don't have an excuse to move out. Anywhere else, it makes sense to do as a day trip from their house, and DH's sister is likely to take it as an insult if they leave.


My concern is-how will her two DD's take it when they have to get up and go to school, and their cousin is at their house and out of school-with plans to go to Sea World or whatever? Or when they come home and have homework to do and DD is talking about her day?


I was wondering if it would make it easier if I took some of our HS work along for DD to do while her cousins were doing homework, or maybe even in the morning as they leave. While I wouldn't take heavy books, I could take our current read-aloud, have DD do some copywork, maybe copy some pages from other books to take, and so on. I'm also a little concerned about friction because DD is accelerated, while her cousins are on typical school-level pace.


Any thoughts? Advice?

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Leave the schoolbooks at home and enjoy your trip!

-Your daughter is only 6.

-Many school systems around the country have different schedules w/different days off. Just because her cousins have a school day doesn't mean your dd needs one.

-I consider traveling as a big field trip.


I hope you have a great time with great weather!

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You're on vacation...be on vacation. Around here there are at least 6 different school districts and they often have different days off. Combine those with the many, many private schools and you really never know when a child will be in school and when they won't. Vacations are all mixed up so the kids are used to having different days off.


I wouldn't worry about it. It isn't like you are going to throw it in her face as she is heading out the door. Don't say "have fun in school while we are at Sea World....nener nener nener. :tongue_smilie:.



DD4 wouldn't be able to keep a secrect so I wouldn't even tell her what the plans were. DD12 loooves surprises, so I would just skip telling her too.


If you wait on telling them until after cousin heads out the door, you can surprise you child and head out later.


Minimize the impact by bringing her a treat home from Sea World too. That way, it may help the sting of whatever gets said in the evening. Kids are pretty tough but a little treat goes a long ways. LOL



Any chance they can skip school and go with you?

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No, I would not bring schoolwork. Maybe a favorite/current read aloud, but that would be it!


I'd let her get whatever educational value she can get from the trip, the visit, etc., but mainly- it's vacation! I'd want to focus on fun and family.


I'd find another interesting day trip and go ahead and schedule it, for sure.


I'd also ask in advance if there's any way the cousins can skip school that day and experience the day trip too- but if they say no, I'd go ahead with my own plans.


I think the cousins will survive hearing that a young kid on vacation did something else while they went to school.

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I would ask your sil if it would be helpful to have your dd do "homework" at the same time as her dd's. If she says yes, then take some lightweight stuff to do. I wouldn't do schooling during the day, though you might want to bring a book to read if there aren't cousins to play with.

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They live in the land of "Where people go when they are on school vacation." She's on school vacation. Schools have breaks at different times. They'll get over it if they even think about it at all. Truthfully, they are probably used to it.


If she'll want something to do with them, while they are doing homework, then take some copywork or a workbook or something. Ask your SIL how long their homework ussually takes and pack for that. But only if you think she'll think it's fun/want to sit with her cousins and do work. "Homework" is new for her, so she may think it's just the coolest thing, you never know.


Otherwise, have fun, take your day trips, stay out of the cousins/SIL way in the mornings while they are getting ready for school.


And if the cousins are near the same age, or even beyond, I'm sure they have books she can read/look at/listen to laying around. Use those if you need.

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