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Caboose dd has arrived !!

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After many months of anticipation, she has finally made her arrival! She is a great joy to the entire family, particularly her elder siblings, who never imagined they would be blessed with a new baby in the house.


Big brother considers her his very special birthday gift, born 10 days before he turns 14. Mom and Dad are thrilled and amazed that she was born exacly a month before they celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. Of course, big sister, turning 11 soon, has proclaimed herself "second mom" and is taking a very active roll in her care, as everyone expected :)


We chose for her to be born in my home state (we live in Canada), close to family, in the same hospital where her siblings and mother were all born. We especially wanted her grandparents to have the opportunity to share the experience of her birth and the first few weeks of her life. None of us could have predicted how great and vital a role they would play in her entrance to the world.


I began contracting late Friday night, but was not convinced it was true labor. As the contractions grew stronger and closer together through the night, I hesitated to wake everyone, call dh and ds, who were staying over with other relatives, and load into the car for the trip to the hospital, only to be sent home in false labor. Based on the length of my previous births, I was convinced I had plenty of time to let everyone get a good night's sleep. However, by 3:30am, I could bear it no longer, and woke my father. Seeing how close the contractions were, he offered to call an ambulance. While Grampa was on the phone with 911, I realized I was not only in true labor, but that the baby was coming! She was born on her grandparents' kitchen floor, delivered by her grandmother, with big sister looking on. An unexpected, shocking, but blessed family event that we will all cherish.


After an extra day in the hospital due to baby's sleepiness and slowness to feed, everyone is back at Grandma's house, safe and cozy, enjoying this precious time together, and looking forward to a joyous Thanksgiving with a new precious bundle to be passed around.

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