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Character Education


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We're using The Book of Virtues. We spend one month on each chapter. So far we've covered self discipline, compassion, responsibility, and friendship.

Every morning we read one story, poem, letter, etc. Sometimes it's done in a minute or two, sometimes longer. It's very easy to pick and choose which passages you want to cover, and pass over the ones that don't fit your family (we're not Christian). We've had many great discussions, and I can see the positive impact the book is having on the girls. It's also fun to have them choose something we've already read to read out loud. It's nice to see which stories they personally value.


The down side is that the book can be a little sappy and heavy on the obedience side. It doesn't bother me, in fact I get teared up sometimes when I read it :001_rolleyes:. But, I could see this book bugging some people, both parent and child.


The biggest problem though is how butchered some of the stories are. Some of them are painfully condensed. I thought it was going to be a problem, but as time goes on it's working out great. If the girls already know the story, say it's a Grimm story, they're proud to yell out "I know this one", and the ones they don't know.. I feel like a little seed is being planted for later. I can imagine them saying, "Hey! I remember this from the book of virtues!".



We bought ours at the library book store, and it looked brand new. I see them for sell there a lot. :001_smile:




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I have this too:

E Is for Ethics: How to Talk to Kids About Morals, Values, and What Matters Most

It sets up brief scenarios about different situations and has questions to spur reflection on the kids' part. I think the book is okay, but my kids really get excited when they see it coming (seriously!).


You may be interested in this previous thread.



I have Books that Build Character out from the library. I am finding it helpful.

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This looks exactly like what I was looking for, thanks so much for the link!!


And thank you all for all your suggestions. I do have the Book of Virtues sitting on my shelf and I will see if I can take a look at the other ones at the library. Thanks y'all!!

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