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Oh no we are on our break & Both kids have Strep ! Now I'm not feeling to well!

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On Friday my 6.5 yr old started coughing and his voice started to sound like he was getting hoarse. He didn't have a fever neither did he act really sick he was still his normal self. Then on yesterday my husband decided to check is throat and sure enough there was white mucus looking stuff in the back of his throat that would not go away. I had him gargle in warm water and sea salt along with peroxide and still did not go away. I decided to call the dr this morning just to get things checked out and sure enough he has strep! The dr. decided to check out my 7.5 yr old and she noticed that he was starting to get the white stuff to but not as bad as his brother. His test came back negative but the dr decided to treat both boys for strep at the same time. She looked at me and said let me just look at your throat and she said it was inflammed a little but nothing like the boys but I should call my dr. because I probalby will get it to. Now I'm not feeling well.


Do you think I should call the dr for a prescription for myself? Will it be safe for the kids and I to be around anyone on Thanksgiving? Can I give my son chestal honey cough syrup while he is on an antibiotic?

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