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Aluratek Libre E-Book Reader

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I've been trying to decide just how badly I want to wait out in the bitter cold to possibly get my hands on a Nook on Black Friday when I came across the Aluratek Libre. It has excellent reviews.


Anyone have any experience with these?


It is the one I would get for my little one who does most of her reading in bed. I didn't want an LCD screeen for myself or my high schooler, we need long battery life and only get that from e-ink. But if I had disposable cash I would get one in a heartbeat for bedtime.

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No personal experience, but I would hold out for a Nook or Kindle. Drawbacks on this one at a quick look:


*short battery life


*must be hooked to computer to transfer books


*it uses a different technology than the e-ink the main readers use; why?


*5" screen; this is pretty small


Have you seen it in person and tried it out? I've had my hands on several different e-readers, and the difference in quality, how they feel and work, can be tremendous. The e-ink readers are very easy on the eyes; I wouldn't assume this was the same, b/c it uses a different technology. Screen size is important, too; 6" vs 5" may not seem like a big difference, but it really is, especially when reading books.


What's the price difference?

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The Aluratek is the same price as the Nook unless I wait in line Black Friday at Best Buy, they are supposed to have the Nook for $99.


I don't really know anything about these things and I'm not totally sure I'm even going to get one, especially factoring in the cost of buying the e-books on top of buying the reader. I was just curious if anyone knew anything about the Aluratek. Thanks to those that responded. :)

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