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Favorite read alongs to go with SOTW1


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We just finished SOTW1. There were some good ones for Egypt. We read a nice bio on Queen Hatshepsut, I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of it. We read "Tutankamen's Gift" which was a great book. As I'm thinking about it, I know we read some good books - one was on the Trojan War, but I'm afraid I'm of little help because I can't remember the titles. There are some good ones out there - just browse the library.

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Well, we are only about a 1/3 of the way through SOTW 1 since we are doing it this year, but our favorites so far have been:


Archeologists Dig for Clues

The First Painter

Egyptian Myths (which unfortunately is out of print so check your library)

Gilgamesh the King (and series)

The Magic Doorway

The Adventures of Spider


But really, most of the recommendations in the AG, including the non-fiction books, have been winners. The ones above have been the real stand-outs that the kids have re-read (or drawn or acted out) on their own.


ETA: I haven't found the encyclopedia to be necessary at all for early elementary as I'm just going for high-interest and exposure. I plan on using it more for Logic stage.

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