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Teachers' Lounge! 11-22-2010

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Here we are again. Sorry I've been out of the loop for awhile. I've been BUSY!


What's for lunch today? Me: Banquet microwave meal (surprisingly tasty, though)



What's new in your world today? Or what is something you're doing today that you don't normally do? Me: I'm looking through my cookbooks to attempt to plan a menu for this week. I have A LOT of chicken that needs to be used!


Do you plan on having a 'traditional' Thanksgiving meal or are you doing something different this year? Me: same old, same old. Going to my sister's in the late afternoon. Some year I'd like to just order pizza and/or go to the movies!


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Can I participate, even though we aren't doing school this week?


I'm trying to figure out the best way to fix the hard drive on our computer (this one doesn't have Office and all my stuff is on either excel or word).


Oh yeah, I'm sure the kids will want to be fed again soon... they are like that ...


We are going traditional for Thanksgiving, but at my dad's instead of dh (which is good since dh has to be on call this week and weekend - disaster restoration)

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We had pizza for lunch - leftovers from our family get-together on Saturday to celebrate the little one turning two (which reminds me - I need to update my signature).


We're doing 'light' school this week. I am about to brave running errands with the kids, something I normally avoid – I have too much stuff to do to wait on dh to get home!


We host Thanksgiving and have a mostly-traditional meal. We're getting our turkey from Bojangles. :lol: We make a lot of desserts (four pies plus fudge), all from scratch, but neither my mother or I are particularly fond of roasting the bird, so spicy turkey from Bojangles it is. I'm running in a 5K on Thursday morning, though!

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I'm hanging out in my jammies. :001_huh:


DH has an office thing tonight that we all have to go to so I am dreading and procrastinating. I really should go take a shower.


No school today. I figured we'd take the week off, but I do want to at least do some math.


This year for T.giving we are going out to eat. I am so stoked! No cooking!!!!! I will still bake some pumpkiny goodness though.

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Jenny, of course you can participate! You're a teacher, aren't you? And if I had to use the 'doing school' as a qualifier, I'd be disqualified myself!


Kash, I'm with you on cooking the bird. No desire to do it myself. Ever. Hopefully, I won't ever have to do so!


Amy, going out to eat?? Sweet! One of these years, we're just going to order pizza and/or go see a movie. I'm tired of the 'tradition' which has turned out, over the past few years, to not be that enjoyable!


Who else wants to chime in?

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For lunch, I had left-over pasta e fagioli from last night; dd had a turkey sandwich and pickles.


Nothing new in my world at all. I'm working on laundry today; tomorrow I'll go through the Christmas stuff and weed out what we're tired of and list it on Freecycle. Wednesday I work, Thursday I'm off and the kids and I will go to EX's for Tgiving, provided EX doesn't continue on his little hissy fit and cancel it.

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We had roasted chicken breast with ranch dressing glaze, big salads, and homemade applesauce for lunch.


The children will be getting bacon, eggs, and fresh fruit for supper at the hands of dh because I have special music practice at church tonight. Ugh, the church thinks it's doing us a favor to provide cheap pizza....I have decided not to eat because it will make me feel bloated and yucky. This feeling is not worth Little Caesar's pizza.


We don't really have anything new other than the last child finally came down sick with what the rest of us have had for four days. I am just now getting over it but still fairly stuffed up and headachy, so no school yet. Thankfully, we are pretty close to the half way point already so I don't have to worry about so many days off.


My mother will host a traditional thanksgiving in which the people will be more stuffed than the turkey and that is not because of eating too much. No, we will be because we are like canned sardines. My mom's house is small but she always insists on inviting about 26 people. It's ridiculous...my kids go hide in grandma and grandpa's bedroom just to keep from getting stepped on. Her kitchen is very small with limited counter space. I, on the other hand, have a 25 x 25 dining/family room (one and a half blocks from my folks) and comfortable seating for 26 without getting out another table. I have twice as much counter space plus a lovely island that dh put on rollers instead of anchoring to the kitchen floor so I can move it to whatever spot is convenient. I have a larger oven and a warmer draw with my oven. I also have larger bathroom facilities. BUT, SHE WILL NOT LET ME HOST IT BECAUSE APPARENTLY COMMON SENSE DOES NOT OVERIDE TRADITION! Once we are all seated at the table, half of the participants (the children mostly) will not be able to get up unless they crawl under the tables and around people's legs.


I have hosted it in the past....one time we had 35 people. It was all comfortable and cozy and I had just enough of my grandmother's china (my inheritance from her and very precious to me) to set the entire crew! I had lots of comments on how nice it was and how much room there was for everyone to mill about and visit. Maybe that made her feel rotten or something.


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....blood pressure rising in advance. Seriously, this year, I might not go down there until right before my food is due and leave my sister to deal with it. Just show up to eat. I am so tired of never having anywhere to put anything, my toes constantly being stepped on, my kids hiding away from everyone else just to survive, the menfolk who aren't helping standing in the middle of the kitchen to visit while we constantly ask them to "PLEASE GO TO THE LIVING ROOM SO WE CAN OPEN CUPBOARD DOORS AND PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE", etc. Oh and I usually get at least one really nasty burn on my back or arm when I am inevitably backed into by someone who thinks it's appropriate to use the tiny kitchen as visiting space which then shoves me into my mother standing behind me with something piping hot from the oven!


Serenity now, serenity now......



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Lunch today: McD's


Today I dropped ds back off at the hospital and had a meeting with his doctor. Today he will start the psycho-educational assessments. They think he has mostly outgrown his adhd though this testing will show if he has or not (personally I do not think so,and I am the one living with and teaching him). We also put in the referral for a residential school treatment place. It will take months before his name comes up, and I can cancel if I want to but we feel it is best to at least have him at least on the list. Basically he would go for a minimum of 3 months to a specialized school. He would do school in the am, therapy in the pm and sleep there M-Th coming home friday night. It would be similar to this hosptial program but longer term. The dr is feeling it is the best option to work on his conduct disorder, I am not sure. I am still going to work on putting into place a 1-on-1 aide, therapy etc at home and see if that works instead, but if we need this school he will go for the few months before continueing to homeschool.


Otherwise, I am still at my folks place. I am relaxing a bit online right now, and doing some lesson planning for Dec and Jan, and figuring out my term 2 shopping list for after xmas. We are having a going away party tonight for my brother and sil because they move on Friday to BC. I am jealous I would love to live near the ocean. I already cleaned up my mom's house this afternoon, so we are pretty much set until dinner time to just relax. Of course I have a billion things to do at home, but I will not be there until tomorrow night so it will have to wait.


Thanksgiving is over here already since I am in Canada, so no major meals this week. Tomorrow I take the 2nd half of my food safety course and write the provincial exam, oh joy. Once it is done I will be thankful for it though as it brings our daycare 1 step closer to accreditation(this is a major step over simply following provincial regulations and being licensed, the gov't actually gives the center more $$ to pay it's staff once accredited, and extra grants etc. We will be one of the first afterschool care's int eh province to have this designation).

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What's for lunch today? Me: sauteed onion & spinach. Kids: chili


What's new in your world today? Or what is something you're doing today that you don't normally do? Me: Freezing. It's only 60 degrees in my house. That is definitely new and not normal. We don't normally light the pilot until December.

Do you plan on having a 'traditional' Thanksgiving meal or are you doing something different this year? We are having a vegetarian meal this year for the first time. But otherwise things are the same. It is just the 4 of us so I don't have to put on a cooking show for anyone. :D

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I'm using Daisy's template for Q's :)


What's for lunch today? Sandwiches


What's new in your world today? Watching our backs with the carpet cleaner going off the deep end- marriage and life and taking it out on everyone around him. We manage the apts. we live at and this sort of excitement is why we left the other place 5yrs ago! I hate this sort of nonsense :( Other than that, nothing new. Homeschool today and my own schoolwork.

Do you plan on having a 'traditional' Thanksgiving meal or are you doing something different this year? Traditional at my parents- looking forward to it :)

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