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Has anybody used Paintable Wallpaper??

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I just moved into an older home and the walls are pretty bad. Lots of holes and places where the top layer of drywall has peeled away, showing the brown papery part. And there is one wall that is half paneling and half drywall that I would like to cover up as well (without removing both walls completely). I was thinking about using paintable wallpaper, but can't find any pictures on the web showing a real room that has used it. All I find are small, posed pictures by a company selling the paper.


Has anybody used it? Pictures would be even better. Thanks!

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We have a room where one inset wall was ugly paneling. I did use paintable, texture wallpaper. It blends well because the rest of the walls are textured plaster. I'm having camera issues right now but I will see if I can get some sort of picture. It's 12 years old. I've never repainted it. I'm not sure if it would handle that well or not. I think it still looks good though.

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I think both Lowes and Home Depot sell it. You would have to prep the wall the same as for regular wallpaper.


You might consider installing very thin drywall over the existing wall covering. It would not be much more work and you could then finish the walls however you liked.


Hmmm... good idea. I'll have to look into that.

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My mother has used it in the past, and it works well.


Have you looked into the wainscoting wallpaper from Home Depot Google 'wainscoting wallpaper' and you will see some really nice images.


And, if the paneling is in decent shape and has nice lines, you can paint it. I painted the paneling in my family room as a quick fix and it looks really nice.


Here is a blog that you might find helpful, too. Centsational Girl Scoll down a bit to the link list on the right and search the other blogs for ideas.:001_smile:

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