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Latin Road to English Grammar?

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I did use it for one year with my olders and for some reason it didn't click with them but I'm going to try it again with my current eighth grader next year. He's doing The Bridge to Latin Road this year so I've decided that's the path we're going to take. I am going to get the DVD's this time because I'm so used to using the DVD's for PR now that I think that will help me understand the program as we go.


There is a lot of writing because you create your own notebook. Some people and students find that tedious.

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You can start fresh with LRTEG. We tried it for 8th grade. I liked it fine. It is the easiest latin program I have ever attempted to use.


Yes . . . the only reason I'm using the bridge this year with my eighth grader is because he is really weak on grammar (despite having done full programs for years). The bridge is working well for him because he likes being "taught" as opposed to working independently.

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Hi. We're just beginning level 2 and I'm very happy with our results. The dc don't love it, although I suspect they wouldn't love Latin regardless of program choice. I find it thorough and as the dc create the notebook, I find they are really getting enough practice, in a more practical format than just workbooks, so application is appropriate. Your dc should be solid in grammar to use the program. Let me know if I can answer any other questions. I'm happy to help.

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