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Any piano instructors out there who know Alfred Premier & Faber's PA pedagogy well?

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Any piano teachers out there who are VERY familiar with Alfred's (NEW) Premier Piano course AND Faber and Faber's Piano Adventures courses?


I need some advice and don't want to go into this treatise (it's too late/I'm too tired) and it's too irrelevant to everbody else) without finding a person who's USED and is very familiar with both methods.


Any such person out there?


If yes, can you please PM me and I'll shoot you my question.




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I am very familiar with the method books, which includes Faber and Alfred, that I used when I taught piano. If there is a curriculum to buy that teaches through DVD or CD I am unfamiliar.


I taught from 99' - '07'. I used Faber & Faber from 03' - 07'. I used Hal Leonard from 99' - 03'. I used Alfred when I received a transfer student part way through a book and the parent wanted me to finish the book before transferring the student to the books I used. So this way I became very familiar with Alfred.


My review:

Alfred: A lot of piano teachers like this method. I did not. The reasons being that it over simplifies without teaching the backbone of pedagogy needed for advanced piano music.

Faber & Faber: I went to a seminar with this couple and switched from Hal Leonard books. I was very disappointed with the outcome. My students achieved far more, as the years went by, with Hal Leonard as their foundation. The Faber & Faber books were easier to teach from, but like Alfred left out too much that is needed for a basic foundation for advanced piano playing.

Hal Leonard: Lays a great foundation for Baroque, Classical, Romantic, & Modern piano music.


This said though. Any piano method used in the beginning can be overcome later on if the student chooses to continue study.


Also I should add I only used any method for the first 2 -3 books and then switched them into classical music since I was a classical (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern) piano teacher.

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