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children's book characters

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My daughter is Ramona Quimby, without doubt. She didn't mind so much when we were reading the stories to her, but man - once she saw the movie, she wasn't very pleased that we all were reminded of her by the Ramona character!


My son is the green eggs and ham pusher of Dr. Seuss fame. He never lets up because he KNOWS you and what you want. Even if you yourself don't know it quite yet :)

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Justice - Tom Sawyer. No question about it. I've lost track of the parents who've told me he had their kid doing something they'd allegedly never do on their own accord. He would absolutely have the neighbor kids paying him to whitewash his fence.


Joy - I'll have to think about this one...


Honor - Nate the Great, with a side of Thomas the Tank Engine


Grace - Fancy Nancy


Faith - She's only 2, but Ramona does come to mind. If she had curls like her sisters I'd say the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead. She's 2 years old, clever, Stubborn, and prone to mischief. :001_smile:


Valor - Joy says one of the babies in American Girl books.

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