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Anonymous Poll: Do you text or talk on the cell phone while driving?

Texting or Cell Phone Use while driving?  

  1. 1. Texting or Cell Phone Use while driving?

    • Yes, I have texted while driving
    • No, I have not texted while driving
    • Yes, I have used a cell phone while driving
    • No, I have not used a cell phone while driving
    • Ubiquitous other

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I will admit to having talked on the cell phone for short calls while driving. I do not text. Hands free operations do not count in this poll. This poll is anonymous.


I'm not sure if I made this poll so that you can choose more than one option (which you would need to do to answer both the texting and the cell phone usage question.) Oops. Never do a poll when your mind is not all there. . .

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I have never texted while driving.


I have used the cell phone very sparingly. I have dropped the phone in my lap in order to turn before -- that's how careful I am about talking on the phone while driving. I have only used it for a quick, "I'm on my way" sort of thing and never while in traffic. I'm just not a cell-phone user, really, and I rarely even talk on the phone at home.


I guess that's the benefit of having so few friends, LOL.

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I don't text, but I do talk, hands-on, while I'm in PA. When I cross the boarder to NJ, where it's illegal, I don't.


It's usually when I'm on the highway. I won't talk when I have to focus on turns and signs, and especially, unlike too many people, when I'm trying to navigate a parking lot! My kids aren't even supposed to talk to me when I'm doing that!

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I *only* talk on the phone if it is one of J's doctor's calling. I try my hardest not to be out when I am expecting a call from them.


There are some *very* graphic videos on youtube showing what happens when you text and drive.


I honestly can not understand what can be *so* important that people feel the need to text and drive. Pull over, make your call, place your text, and go on.

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Texting is a skill I can't do well even when I'm focused solely on that task. Two days ago, I learned how to delete mistakes so my texts don't look like this: xbdYexs I waill rsupik U up. Translation: Yes I will pick you up. Someday I will learn how to text numbers, so I can finish that sentence with "at 3:30".


I don't talk on the phone and drive either. If I have to talk to someone, I pull over or one of my passengers answers the phone and does the talking for me.

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Never. I pull over.


I really hadn't thought about it, but Loverboy is adamant about it. His first and only brand new car was rear-ended within a month of purchase by a cell-phone-talker. (Less than 250mi).


We already talk to dd3.5 about how we don't talk on the phone when driving in our family. (If the phone rings, she knows we ignore it or pull over; she has heard me give my cell number to others, but remind them that I don't answer the phone when driving.)

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I have a cell phone. I'm not fond of it. A lot of it is early conditioning: "Hey! You only call my cell phone in an emergency, understand?" Um. Sorry! Of course, that was back when cell phones were actually rare.


Most of the rest of it is how I got the cell phone.


Dh said one day, "BTW, your mom wanted to get you a cell phone."

Me: "Really? Well, I'd rather not."

Dh: "Umm . . . I think she already did . . ."

Me: "What?!? Do I want one? No! Aaaaahhhh . . ."


The box arrived the next day or so. It wasn't high on my priority list, so I didn't open it for a couple of days. By the time I fought my way through the Quick Start Guide and figured out how to turn the confounded thing on, I already had some wierd little icon on the screen. Mumbling to myself, I went back to the instruction book to find out what it was supposed to mean. "New Voice Message." Really? I had to set up my Voicemail and everything in order to get it. Guess what it was?


My mother.


"Mama Anna, this phone isn't going to do you any good if you don't turn it on!" (You know that sing-song effect we moms have when we're stating the obvious to our children? Yeah, it sounded that way.)




<sigh> All that to say, I cordially despise my cellphone and have it turned off whenever possible just so it doesn't ring while I'm driving.


However (tiny little voice here), I have occasionally used it to call dh for the "I'm on my way" type of call while I'm driving. It's not illegal to do that here or anything. I'm just fully aware that, with my driving record, driving a standard in city traffic while talking on a cell phone is stupid.


So. There you have my confession.


Mama Anna


PS: I don't text. I don't want to learn how. I'm dragging my heels for all I'm worth . . .

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