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anyone know anything about "Kidswirl" ??(its supposed to be facebook for kids)

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Is it safe? My ds 9 is begging to let him get an account and I am researching it. Anyone have experience with it?



I can see how a website might control for the content in articles and games. But I can't see how they would:


Control membership such that there were no adults posing as fellow children


Control what members say to each other.


IMHO, much of the damage done through social media is in the form of unkind things that people say to and about other people. It's as if the lack of face to face contact emboldens people to be more cutting than they normally would be. Or maybe it's just the lack of context or lack of ability to backpeddle comments that are hurting someone's feelings.


So I don't know anything about this site in particular, but I'm very hesitant to sign my kids up to social media sites until they are teens and more able to handle the rough and tumble world of comments. (We're pretty much all adults here and still end up hurting each other's feelings. I'd rather my kids were on Facebook after a few years where I and other adult trusted mentors can be their friends and make it an introduction to the world of being an adult. But then I'm very old fashioned about such things and don't even have a cell phone that is under the sole custody of any of the kids.)

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