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What do you think about this for a Thanksgiving side?

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I don't want to make the plain old mac and cheese. So, I was thinking this morning how to do a twist on it, yet I did not want to do a sour cream base nor a cream base. Then I thought well Ricotta cheese would do a good job of being the creamy base.


So, I came up with this. Start off whole wheat pasta. Then in a bowl mix Ricotta cheese, Asiago, Parmesan, Romano, Provolone, baby swiss, roasted garlic, sea salt, pepper. Then combine with the whole wheat pasta, top with some Italian bread crumbs. Bake till bubbly.


Do you think these flavors will work? Would it make a creamy dish or stringy gooy cheese dish? Or do you think all these flavors will be over board? I want something different, but still comforting.


Thank you for any help and suggestions.

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I'm not a big ricotta fan...


But setting that aside, wouldn't it tend to make the dish a bit watery?


Not sure about adding Swiss to such an Italian flavor dish. Maybe some mozzarella instead or using some fresh mozzarella on top with the bread crumbs.


How about adding in a veg? I could see broccoli florets in such a dish?


I like the whole wheat/white cheese idea though.

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Yeah, I guess mozzarella would work better. Now with the ricotta I was thinking that if I cooked the noodle till almost done then let the juice from the ricotta get absorbed it might be alright.


Now I have to avoid the veg, or my dad and a few others won't eat it. lol Yeah, my dad is worse than the kids!


The whole idea with the whole wheat is it hold up so much better. IMO

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