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Devils Advocate....WTM Writing and proof in

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the pudding with end results of a good, stong writer and/or SAT writing results.


To ellaborate: I'm asking for experiences of anyone who has closely followed the WTM method of writing from grammer, logic, and rhetoric stages and then the senior high school yrs and the result.


Reason I'm asking:

Homeschooling my 12 yr old only 1 year, coming from public school (3yrs) and private school (3 yrs) where writing and grammer were taught very differently. I am following the WTM method closely and have quite a bit of catch - up to do (esp grammer), but want a little lifting up or "pep talk" for myself I guess, to make sure this is valid, solid. Also, some of the other hs writing curriculum is tempting CW, IEW and I'm trying to educate myself as to if we need these or WTM Gold is good).

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Perhaps the problem lies within your question: define "results".


If you were to glance at the College Board, you would see that many of the students whose parents followed TWTM have been admitted to fine colleges. Many have received lovely merit scholarships.


Many parents respect their child's privacy and hence do not publish test scores in a public place. Further, many of us do not associate a high SAT writing score as the definition of a strong writer.


Can you refine your question?

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I can't answer your question specifically and have wondered the same things. My concerns, though, related more to the grammar stage, and waiting until 5th grade to be organizing and writing paragraphs independently.


I will say that I don't think the logic and rhetoric recommendations seem that unusual to me, as the logic stage outline and writing from outlines are how I was taught expository writing in private schools over 20 years ago. There was also an emphasis on grammar, though not as much as in TWTM.


SWB has a son that was fully home educated and is at an excellent college now.

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SWB has a son that was fully home educated and is at an excellent college now.


SWB was also home educated herself and is a scholar.


I'm not sure there are that many yet who have used her recommendations all thru high school. Her own writing program is fairly new, and her other recommendations may not have been used 100% by many? We homeschoolers are known for tweaking :)



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