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Boy name...good middle name to go with Cedar

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Because my husband likes Tower and his friend wants us to use Plank:tongue_smilie:

:lol: No one suggested closet?


Seriously, something traditional. David or Jonathan or James or whatever. Could be many things. I would just suggest something more traditional to balance it. Though, honestly, I like it. Ceder. Cool.

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I like Korin's name Monroe, the letter M sounds nice with Cedar.

Cedar Mariano

Cedar Markus

Cedar Maximo


Are you German?

Cedar Fridrik

Cedar Hagen

Cedar Faxon

Cedar Franz

Cedar Ulrich

Cedar Wolfgang... :D


Nature type names

Cedar Reed

Cedar Stone

Cedar East

Cedar Rowan

Cedar Orion


Okay, I guess I should get back to work..


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Lane - If this was simply word association. I used to live next to Cedar Lane, but that's not what you were asking.


First word that came to my mind was Crest. We have a Cedarcrest Rd around here.


You could keep with the tree theme: Cedar Ash. ::groan::



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What about John? Evan is a form of John so he could have a name related to your hubby's, but not exact. I like Silas, too, but don't know if that's too many soft c/s sounds in one name...?


Fwiw, my eldest's mn is Layne (family name). And dd is Brooke (also family name)...you could use Brooks? (not that you have to name your child after my family, lol...I'm just sayin'!!! These are names I like, obviously!!!)


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I hate to say this, but "Cedar" sounds feminine to me. And according to this website, it's more commonly used for girls than for boys. Therefore, I would go with a very masculine middle name so that folks won't get confused.


I automatically thought it was a girl's name, too, until I saw the name suggestions and checked the OP's signature.

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My husband walked by and said, "Plank. Closet. Chest." :glare:


The first thing that popped into my mind was "Cedar James." It sounds nice. :001_smile:


I also like "Cedar Owen" or "Cedar Owain" (the Gaelic spelling).




"Owain" keeps the tree theme -- it means "born from the yew tree."

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