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What did you include in the counselor form for the Common Application?


I'm doing okay with the HS Supplement, but I don't know what to write about my daughter for the counselor form. Do I give them statistics about our area? I know I need to focus on my daughter's strengths, but I'm not sure what that will look like.


Thanks for any help or advice!

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In my counselor letter, I provided several adjectives which describe my son and then elaborated. Via anecdotes, I attempted to paint a picture of who my son is and why a college would want him in their community.


Some homeschool parents include statistics; others view this as something that public schools do, something which homeschool parents need not provide. In our case, homeschool was a clear alternative to mediocre (at best) public schools. I felt that the situation needed to be told implicitly via statistics.


There is no single way to write this letter. My son's homeschool experience was unique; thus I used both the counselor's letter and the school profile as places to describe what we did.

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Thanks, Jane. Did you put the statistics about the local schools on your homeschool supplement form or did you include that information on the counselor page?


Anyone else want to share how they decided which information to put on which form or section?


I think the statistical information should probably go on the homeschool supplement page. That will leave the counselor section to do as you described.


Thanks for the help!

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