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Favorite books to deal with preteen and early teen behavior?

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And have you chosen them to just get you (and them) through these challenging years, or do you have other reasons as your motivator?


These are the books that dh and I have and highly recommend them. Our oldest dc just turned 14...


Yes,Your Teen Is Crazy!


The Five Love Languages of Your Teenager


How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk


How To Talk So Kids Can Learn


And, of course, the Bible as we are Christians.;)


Our hopes/prayers/goals-


~That each of our dc know Christ intimately and develop a personal relationship with Him that will last throughout their lives.


~Guide our dc as they navigate these difficult years, thus preparing them to be productive, responsible, kind, and generous adults.


~Encourage our dc to process/deal with their feelings so they are better equipped to do that in their relationships with others, including their future adult relationships.


~ Keep our relationship open with them, so that when they encounter difficult situations (and ALL dc will!) they will feel safe enough to seek US out instead of turning to others or things like drugs, alcohol, and s*x.


~ Keeping in mind that our time with them is so short and precious, we are raising them in hopes and prayer that when they are old enough, they will actually want to be a part of our lives. IOW, our relationship doesn't stop just because they become adults and get married.


~Knowing that when we have to answer to our Creator, He will be pleased with how we treated His children.




That's really it. I think.:D Our parenting philosophy has pretty much stayed the same from the time I gave birth to them. While these last few years have been challenging in a different way, having these goals in mind has been a huge help and great reminder.;)




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Encouraging post!


I would add Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp. The book really changed my perspective on how to deal with problems that come up with our teens.



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I second Age of Opportunity. It really gave me an attitude makeover before we headed into the middle school years.


I'd also like to recommend a Bible study we just started with my son. It's called Wise Up! Wisdom in Proverbs. We are only in the second lesson, but it looks to be a wonderful study on character with a lot of practical application for this age group. Instead of doing it like a classroom lesson, we are reading the scripture together and finding the answers through discussion when they aren't super obvious. I read some things from the teachers manual out loud as well, but I don't consider the teacher's manual a must have.

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