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Rod & Staff English Question


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I was wondering if there are any other programs just like Rod & Staff English, but with consumable workbooks? I really like the Rod & Staff curriculum. However, in the younger grades, I think a lot gets lost when they have to write the answers on another piece of paper. Especially since some children in the younger grades have no attention span and forget what they are doing before their pencil makes it to the other piece of paper. I do like the Christian content of Rod & Staff, but I don't mind if our English curriculum is more secular. I have researched a lot of other curriculums on-line, but have not really found anything that is comparable to Rod & Staff. I was hoping that someone may have found a gem and would like to share it. Thanks!

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I've tried Shurley English, which has workbooks, but I cannot recommend it unless you are interested in a teacher intensive program. It is an option, but I can only say that we left it after two years and have not looked back. It is one of the alternate recommendations in TWTM, but my experience on the boards here has been that people either love it or hate it.


I have also used Easy Grammar, and it has workbooks....but I cannot recommend it either because although it is not teacher intensive, many students do not retain what they learn using it. My dd is one of those students that ended up spinning her wheels when we spent a year using it.


Now, I have not used this program, but I see that TWTM recommends Voyages in English as an alternate to R&S. It has been updated and revised from an older version and made available through Loyola Press. According to TWTM, this program is not as rigorous as R&S and you will need to add better writing instruction. However, it is listed in the books as a non-sectrarian curriculum to consider. From what I see on the website, there is a workbook included. Here's a look for you.


Bottom line from my own experience, R&S is the best. It is worth the hassle you describe in the long run. Students will soon overcome their "inconvenience" of writing out answers on blank sheets of paper. It is all part of growing and maturing, learning to write and organize material. I think this is minor compared to the ultimate outcome of using an excellent curriculum. My own dd balked at the process in the beginning too, but now it comes automatic and she never complains or seems to have a problem with this daily task.





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Climbing to Good English. It "sounds" like R&S, but it's a workbook format. It goes through 8th grade. Two on-line sources are The Anabaptist Bookstore sells CTGE and Milestone Ministries.


It's only been, oh, the last 2 generations of children who have used workbooks. I understand what you're saying, but millions of us managed to get through having to write on actual paper. :-)

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