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Going from MUS to Lial's

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I am using MUS Precalc this year, and while I like the program, I am having a hard time justifying spending another $100 on it.


Lial's, however, I found for about $20 on Amazon.


Next year will already be tight because for Science I am spending about $325 (Human Body and needed a microscope).


I do own Lial's Precalc, but a friend is borrowing it at the moment until she can buy her own, so I don't know when I'll be able to go through it. I did it for awhile, but switched back to MUS because I didn't want to waste $100. I liked Lial's, but I'm worried because MUS seems easier.


Has anyone had experience going from MUS precalc to Lial's Calculus or any other Calculus program that some feel is harder than MUS?




(I need a Calc. credit, so please don't say spread Precalc out or something).

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If you can do and understand Lial's, then do the Lial's! Keep the MUS for reference if you need the video or text to show you how to do something. When you are finished with Precalc. you can sell the MUS for at least half of what you paid for it on the used board.


I agree with Susan, and I am in the same predicament as well!

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My son used MUS PreCalculus last year, and is using Saxon Calculus this year. He had some trouble adjusting to the new method (and some different terminology) at first, but he is doing fine now.


Thank you, that is reassuring. Hopefully because I am familiar with Lial's format I won't have too much trouble.

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