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Need bluetooth rec for truck driver dh

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I seem to remember that there are a number of dh's out there who are drivers, so I thought I'd ask the Hive for a recommendation. My dh cannot use the bluetooth we bought last year because there is so much road noise in the background that he just can't hear well enough for it to help. The one we bought was pretty cheap anyway....so I wondered if there is an affordable model that can be adjustable and useful to someone driving in louder than normal conditions? What seems to be working for your dh - or yourself if you have a similar situation?






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so he's kinda a truck driver...lol


I bought him this and he loves it! I can't tell he's even on the road. He drives with his windows down and I can't hear the road noise, but can hear him very clearly. He uses it with his blackberry.






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Did he want a headset? I don't like the headset because I get a little paranoid about having the thing on my head all the time in the car. I just got a BlueAnt S4 that I really like. It's a speakerphone version and I don't have any noise issues with it, even driving in loud city traffic.

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