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Cat on the move

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Well, it's nearly here. I am to take our cat to my sister's house tomorrow, her new home. I'm being such a wimp, and crying my eyes out. :crying:


We got her when she was around 3yrs old, from a rescue centre near to where we lived at the time; we were desperate to get rid of a mouse problem in our old country house and we'd tried all sorts, and finally figured that if we had a cat, no mouse would dare show it's face. Weren't we just right. We brought our cat home one day in the summer, and there were no more mice to be seen or even heard :D


She was uber skinny to begin with; she'd been "let go" early in a pg, and had to have her kittens in the rescue centre, but all the staff said what a great mum she'd been to them all, and fed them brilliantly. We fed her up with good food and treats, and she filled out and her coat is silky soft. She's such a friendly cat, we were so lucky to get her.


So why are we passing her on? Well - about 4yrs ago, we moved from that country house to a new build estate in a town. The houses are close together, and the yards are really small. Every house has at least one if not two cats. Our cat loves to be outdoors, but she's become very nervous around other cats. Originally she explored with enthusiasm, but over the last year or so she's been staying around the house more and even just sitting on the windowsill outside. More recently I've noticed a large grey cat hanging around, showing a lot of aggression towards her. From time to time, our cat will come in with a scratch on her head or back, which obviously bothers her (I guess it scabs and becomes itchy).


In conversation with my sister, I mentioned all this, and later she came back to me and offered to take our cat into her own home. She has a house with a lot of land around it, which would be paradise for our cat compared to what she has now. My sister, although not greatly affectionate towards animals, will care for my cat properly - good food, vet visits as needed etc. - and she also has two girls of 6 and 4 who will no doubt love our cat just as much as my own children do.


I'm just going to miss her. Thanks for listening. What with the dog being diagnosed with hip dysplasia and this, I'm an utter basket case this week. :sad:

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