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Ds 5th grade has worked through CLE LA a couple of years and part of R&S 4 this year. He can do a curriculum and get it right. I have never really worked on writing or copywork with him otherwise.


We are currently doing interest lead learning for science/history until the beginning of next year when we will start MFW. We also just started PR1 this week and I will be accelerating him through it. I have chosen not to do any other LA while doing this so that we can spend our time getting through PR1 as quickly as possible.


This child's handwriting and writing in general stink!!! But, it is from my lack of understanding of how to teach it and some laziness on his part.


I just started this week having him write me a short narration of anything he has read for the day. He just brought me the one for today and I am amazed at how much he wrote. This is from a dc that hates to write. He wrote almost half a page when I only asked for a couple of sentences. The problem is that he broke every rule that I know he knows how to apply: capitalization, run-ons, wrong homophones, etc.


Now, my question is: Do I make him correct all of this? I hate to do this when he wrote so much and was so proud of himself. Or, do I just wait and hope that these sort of mistakes will correct themselves as he writes more and progresses in the other PR levels?

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I just saw your question & that it didn't have any replies, so sorry! What did you end up doing? I wouldn't have a child who had just put all that work in correct it. I think it's fine to have some writing that isn't edited--professional writers don't edit everything they write, only things that they are preparing for publication. At this age I like to preserve a joy of writing and save the editing process for projects they are going to polish (research reports etc...). You can use spelling and grammar time to focus on these skills, and you can use copywork and dictation as a time to focus on learning how to edit. Eventually he'll be able to incorporate those skills into more of his every day writing. For a 5th grader though, I'd praise him and be excited with him.


Merry :-)

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Glad this came to the surface. :) I would do 2 things:

let the writing instruction come along with PR. Writing will build in him!


Next, choose one mistake at a time to focus and remember, you'll be remining him continually to capitalize. PR wil really help with grammar and punctuation.


My favorite thing about PR is application and connection across the LA board. My kiddos always got great grades in their previous LAcourses, but did not cross over into writing either. PR seems to really be helping with that with the Little LEague.


Keep plowing along. You'll be happy with the results.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I talked this over with dh that night and his opinion was, "If you don't correct the mistakes, then what is the point?" But, he is new to this whole parenting thing in general (I have been a widow for 5.5 yrs and just remarried) and he stays out of our school stuff....just offers advice when asked.


I tended towards the path of letting things develop as we work through PR and just enjoying the fact that he is writing something.


I considered both our opinions and went for the middle road. I have all of ds' work in a box for the day. I just left it in there and on his assignment sheet wrote, "Find three things to fix in yesterday's writing." I got no complaints and it wasn't ME criticizing his work. I never checked to see what he fixed or if he did it correctly. I have continued this pattern for now. One day he writes, the next he has on his list to fix any mistakes he can find. I never look at it.


You are right about application in LA, Tina. He can do a worksheet of putting capitals where they go, choosing correct subject/verb agreement, placing commas where they go, fixing run-ons, etc. But, he doesn't apply those rules to his own writing. I am hoping to see a difference with PR. He did week 17 today. We are moving quickly along, but I am happy that we started from the beginning. And, I found a great deal on PR2 on another board. I am glad since I am buying two levels in one year!

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