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Low iron and blood pressure

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First off, I've had cronic low iron my entire life, so tho it is aggravated by pregnancy this has been a life long thing. The highest iron I've ever managed is an 8.


Well with this pregnancy the combo of very low iron (4) and low blood pressure is causing fainting, chest presure, and shortness of breath. This combined with my hypermesis sickness is making me one miserable woman.


My diet is fairly decent. Lots of protein and iron heavy foods, tho I don't always keep them down.


I thought I'd ask the hive mind if they have any suggestions to help bring up my iron and blood presure? Never hurts to ask. I might hear something new. :)

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My OB recommended Slow Fe (time-released iron supplement). I started feeling better in just a couple days. I love Slow Fe. http://www.amazon.com/Slow-Fe-Release-Tablets-90-Count/dp/B000052YTI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1290183898&sr=8-1 (by the way, it's quite a bit more expensive at the grocery and Walgreens than it is on Amazon)


I'll set that aside in my cart. I've taken iron supplements since I was 12/13. When pregnant the combination of reduced fluids and fiber, from nausea and puking, has often led to excruciating abdominal pain when I am able to keep the iron supplement down.

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